Things I’ve Heard My Parents Say…


June 13, 2012 by DKC

Growing up I remember hearing my parents say some of the “countriest” things.  My mom was raised in Summerton, South Carolina and my father was born in Richmond, Virginia and raised in Sumter, South Carolina. They migrated to Philadelphia in the 60’s, but never let go of the cotton fields and hog farms they worked on growing up.  I think its safe to say that the language of the country never leaves you. Here are just a few of the things I’ve heard around the house…

1. “That’s More than You can Shake a Stick At”…Both parents use this statement to describe an over abundance of something

2. “Its like Peyton Place in here.”…Mom uses this to describe wayward living or shacking up

3. “Wreck of the Hesperus“…Mom uses this statement to describe a dirty room or house

4. “As Full as a Tick”…My dad would use this to describe being full from eating

5. “Highway Robbery”…Mom would use this statement when something was over priced

6. “Juke Music”…Mom would use this to describe R&B or non-traditional gospel music

7. “Like a Bull in a China Shop”…widely used but somehow my Dad used it in a unique way to describe a confrontational event

8. “Eating and Drinking like in the Days of Noah“…My father would use this statement to describe lasciviousness or wayward living of Biblical proportions

9. “You Smells like a Puppy Dog”…Mom would use this to tell you that you stink

10. “Get Out of My Tank.”…..Mom says this whenever someone drives too close

11. “Plead the Blood”…Mom uses this as a prayer–pleading the blood of Jesus against something or someone

12. “Living the Life of Riley“…Dad uses this to describe good times with no worries

There’s so much more I could say but this is a start. 🙂

One thought on “Things I’ve Heard My Parents Say…

  1. inhistime513 says:

    LOL! These are funny. When the milk, yogurt or bread would spoil in my house my dad would always say ” looks like it’s gone the way of all flesh”. : )

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