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“Some people like taking things apart and some like putting things together” – I enjoy both and hopefully you’ll see that reflected in this blog.

Hello my name is Kyle. I’m happily married with three children. I enjoy the challenge of seeing how the Biblical text interacts with culture. I love the city and reading about God’s heart for the marginalized of society.

I’m currently an assistant pastor at Great Commission Church located in Philadelphia. I have a B. S. in Biblical Studies and a M. S. in Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University (Now Cairn University).  I also hold a Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary. I graduated in June of 2017 with a D.Min degree from Biblical Seminary (Urban Missiology).

I grew up in North Philly and currently reside in the Northwest section of Philadelphia. I bring to this blog a lot urban ministry experience.  I love writing about the unique issues that face the city and the Body of Christ. I avoid the trendy and prefer more substantial topics.

[My blog entries may not reflect the opinions and views of the company I work for.]

5 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Brian Bakke says:

    I appreciate your writing about substantial subjects that have weight and meaning. I find it refreshing and encouraging to meet you and to read what you have to say. Keep on writing brother!

  2. jayne Young says:

    I found your article on litter in the neighborhood to be compelling. I work for a non profit environmental organization that has a anti-littering project currently being devloped in Philadelphia. Would love to chat with you about this. Do you have an email address I can use.

  3. Anonymous says:

    cant wait for the next blog post!!!!

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