Black Clergy and the Abortion Issue


May 15, 2013 by DKC

Here is a recent article from Christian Post. Its an interesting read.

Several issues here:

1. The assumption that Black Pastors/Preachers are “woefully uninformed’ about abortions impact is to assume that a small group of clergy speaks for all the black church or black church leaders. They do not speak for the black church–there is no way they could possibly speak for the entire black church.

2. Perhaps Black Pastors/Preachers know about the abortion issue but yet they also know about the teen pregnancy issue, the incarceration issue, drug abuse issue, HIV issue, poverty issue, violence issue…I think my point is that we (the Black Church) can’t afford to be a one issue church. The unborn and the born deserve justice.

3. Maybe some need to know about the greater impact and my assumption is that efforts like this will do the job but I wonder if those who cheer on these men as they occupy the spotlight are as concerned about the babies who are born and how they live? I don’t know but I hope the pro-life effort goes beyond the womb to encompass all of life – healthcare, education, fair treatment, etc..

Let me follow-up by saying that the abortion issue is an urgent issue in our nation.  I believe that the act of abortion (although a right in this land) is the premeditated killing of innocent life. In most cases abortion is the consequence of the idolatry of sex. The history of abortion and the African American community is disturbing to say the least.  My contention is that to highlight black clergy in order to shame into action is an ill conceived strategy. As a member of the black church and ‘black clergy’ that lumping ‘us’ together on these kinds of issues may not be helpful but I must warn you that I am just one of many black preachers out there.

One thought on “Black Clergy and the Abortion Issue

  1. Kyle says:

    Anonymous…thanks but if you cared that much you wouldn’t be anonymous. Don’t have the energy–you missed my point. thanks

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